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Stunning Heli Locations

Queenstown is known for its beauty and accessing them by helicopter take it to new heights.

We are privileged to be able to access these remote locations and love sharing their changing beauty throughout the seasons.

Discover the ultimate wedding experience in Queenstown with a heli landing. Exchange vows amidst the breathtaking beauty of the alpine landscapes, as your helicopter touches down in a secluded spot. With stunning mountain vistas and serene lakes as your backdrop, create unforgettable memories on your special day.

Queenstown's heli weddings offer unparalleled romance and adventure, ensuring a unique and picturesque celebration that will leave you and your guests in awe. Explore the magic of Queenstown from the skies and make your wedding day an extraordinary experience to cherish forever.

Mount Crichton

Surrounded by rugged peaks, pristine alpine lakes, and sweeping valleys, this awe-inspiring location offers an unforgettable opportunity to explore the untouched beauty of Queenstown from above. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery and create memories that will last a lifetime.

⟶ Approximate 10 min flight time each way

⟶ Included in the Te Amo & Aroha Packages

Bayonet Peak

Bayonet Peak majestic peak offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and shimmering lakes. Take in the diverse views of Lake Wakatipu, The Remarkable’s and Cecil Peak as you touch down on this stunning alpine terrain, capturing breathtaking moments that will leave you in awe.

⟶ Approximate 5 min flight time each way

⟶ Included in the Te Amo & Aroha Packages

Vanguard Peak

Vanguard Peak, is a stunning 8-minute flight from Queenstown, offering jaw-dropping 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains. From this epic spot, you can gaze down the valley to the Upper Shotover River and, with a higher chance of snow and the beauty of golden tussocks in summer, it's a truly remarkable location.

⟶ Approximate 8 min flight time each way

⟶ Included in the Te Amo & Aroha Packages

The Ridge

Cecil Peak, popular for its accessibility and budget-friendly flight time, offers breathtaking views of Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables Mountain Range. Affectionately called 'The Ledge,' it's a natural perch that provides an overlooking vantage point of Queenstown.

⟶ Approximate 5 min flight time each way

⟶ Included in the Te Amo & Aroha Packages

The Ledge

The most popular landing spot from Queenstown because of its stunning views and short flight and affordability. Stunning views over Lake Wakatipu & awesome cliff edges you can stand on which is where it gets it’s name – The Ledge. Flight time 5 mins each way

⟶ Approximate 5 min flight time each way

⟶ Included in the Te Amo & Aroha Packages

The Remarkables

The Remarkables Mountain Range is a majestic and awe-inspiring natural wonder. With its jagged peaks, pristine snowfields, and breathtaking alpine landscapes, it offers a captivating backdrop for every wedding.

⟶ Approximate 5 min flight time each way

⟶ Included in the Te Amo & Aroha Packages

Earnslaw Burn

The Earnslaw Burn is a hidden gem nestled in the mountains near Queenstown. This remote and untouched valley is adorned with cascading waterfalls, hanging glaciers, and rugged cliffs. Its serene beauty and dramatic scenery make it a captivating destination for a wedding elopement.

⟶ Approximate 20 min flight time each way

⟶ Additional $1,720

Lake Erskine

Nestled at 1390m in Fiordland National Park, Lake Erskine is a stunning alpine lake that captivates with its beauty. In winter, it transforms into a frozen wonderland, while in summer, its crystal-clear blue waters cascade over the edge, creating a breathtaking waterfall. This is one of our favourite locations for a Heli-landing.

⟶ Approximate 25 min flight time each way

⟶ Additional $2,150

Lake Lochnagar

A breathtaking 40 mins helicopter flight to Lake Lochnagar, nestled in the heart of Fiordland National Park, is as spectacular as they come. You will soar through the skies, you'll witness stunning vistas of rugged mountains and pristine wilderness. Landing in this location, you will be captivated by the tranquil beauty of the lake, surrounded by towering peaks and serene alpine landscapes.

⟶ Approximate 25 min flight time each way

⟶ Additional $2,150

Coromandel Peak

One of our most popular flights is a 15 mins flight to Roy’s Peak. This iconic mountain is surrounded by panoramic vistas of Lake Wanaka and the Southern Alps. A truly awe-inspiring backdrop for an intimate and unforgettable wedding ceremony.

⟶ Approximate 25 min flight time each way

⟶ Additional $1,600

Mutli Heli Landing Suggestions

The Remarkables & Cecil Peak

Vanguard &
Cecil Peak

Additional: $600

Additional: $600

Bayonet Peak &
Mt Crichton

Earnslaw Burn &
Mt Crichton

We have carefully selected a collection of our favorite multi-landing combos for you. These locations have been chosen to compliment each other perfectly, creating the perfect blend of beauty.

Multi-landings are best suited to our 3 and 4-hour packages.

  • All our heli landings are exclusive flights, with up to 60 minutes shut down per landing
  • The Heli company we work with have fleet of 6 & 9 seater Helicopters, perfect if you are having a couple of guests
  • We can price any mutli landings locations you choose, these are just some suggestions
  • If you are having guest we can arrange extra helis for you POA

Additional: $2,580

Additional: $1,190

Lake Erskin &
The Remarkables

Coromandel & Vanguard

Additional: $3,620

Additional: $3,240

Coromandel & Lochnagar

Coromandel & Earnslaw Burn

Additional: $4,100

Additional: $3,840

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