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The Queenstown wedding elopements team offers stunning photography and videography services for couples looking to have a beautiful wedding day in one of New Zealand's most scenic destinations. Learn more about their services and how they can help capture your special day.

Meet the Team

Elopement Packages Queenstown

Haley Kelly


Introducing Haley, an incredible force of nature! She's a master organizer, even project managing her own house build. Dedicated and committed to perfection, Haley goes above and beyond to make your wedding day flawless.

With her A-game and genuine love for what she does, Haley's attention to detail sets her apart. With years of experience crafting tailored itineraries in Queenstown's tourism industry, she followed her passion into the wedding industry, bringing immense joy and magic to couples on their special day.

As a proud mum to her son, Jed, Haley knows how to keep things in check and can multi-task any manner of wonders. She treats every elopement like it was her first, as she pours her heart and soul into making your wedding unforgettable. Trust us, she's the perfect blend of passion, dedication, and an infectious personality that will deliver a wedding day filled with love, excitement, and lasting memories.

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Elopement Packages Queenstown

Carla Court


Meet Carla, wedding photographer extraordinaire and long-time best friend of Haley. Carla's passion for wedding photography is truly unbelievable. With her ninja-like moves, she seamlessly blends into the day, capturing every special moment without you even realising she's there. Despite her immense experience, she still gets butterflies in anticipation of your elopement, understanding the significance of her role on your big day. Carla is a busy powerhouse, juggling her roles as a photographer and a devoted mum to her two young kids.

Thanks to Carla's stellar reputation, she has handpicked an incredible team of associate shooters who always deliver excellence. They know that Carla's exceptional editing skills will add the perfect finishing touch in the background.

Carla and Haley make an unbeatable duo, always promising and delivering exceptional results and to celebrate their success, it’s often at the end of the day with a well-deserved glass of wine. We couldn't think of a better team. And if you want to see for yourself, check out Carla’s work here.

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Tess Kelly


Before we dive in, let's clear up the questions – yes, Haley and Tess are family! Tess tied the knot with Tom, Haley's cousin a few years ago.

Tess is a Celebrant like no other. Her relaxed demeanor and calm approach make everyone (and we mean everyone) feel at ease on their wedding day. We can't quite figure out how she effortlessly turns mountains into molehills and ensures every day is a success, but we adore her for it!

Tess is never short of words, which is a blessing for our elopement couples! She takes your stories and experiences, infuses them with her magic, and creates the most sentimental and heartwarming ceremonies. Trust us, you'll want to keep tissues handy.

When Tess isn't busy on a mountain or by a lake, helping couples say "I do," she's enjoying some downtime with her family or catching up with her fellow superheroes, Hayley and Carla. She is an integral part of the Queenstown Elopements team, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Runaway Films

Film crew

Meet the remarkable Runaway Films crew, ready to revolutionize the wedding industry. Their talent for capturing weddings is unmatched. This duo is incredibly relatable, ensuring you feel at ease on your special day. Their subtle yet brilliant direction and exceptional film delivery will leave you amazed in their innate ability to understand and portray you exactly as you envision.

Naida's passion for elopements and her laid-back personality adds a touch of magic to every shot. She can effortlessly fixe buttonholes and ensures your hair looks flawless, a result of a background as seamstress. This woman is multi-skilled beyond belief!

Don't be fooled by Robbie's casual appearance; his immense talent shines through on your wedding day. His love for all types of films allows him to envision extraordinary scenes in an instant. He expertly directs shots, creating the film of your dreams and one that you will watch over and over again with the same love that it was created with.

This duo live in Kingston, just down the road from Queenstown. They have an adorable fur baby and a pet duck – yes that’s right, a pet duck (trust us, they're not strange). Known for their kind-hearted nature, they love a lunch at Parliament but mostly, just doing what they do and being part of the Queenstown Elopements team (and the frequent ‘team meeting’ Friday night drinks).

Elopement Packages Queenstown

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