How to Elope to Queenstown with the Help of a Planner

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Planning to elope to Queenstown? If you’re planning to tie the knot soon and don’t particularly like the idea of having a big wedding, this resort town in the South Island can be a great option. It has an abundance of fantastic venues for your wedding depending on the style and budget you’re looking for. Most importantly, you’re surrounded by gorgeous scenery that will provide an amazing backdrop for all your photos.

There are many ways to go about eloping in Queenstown. Some couples choose a completely one-of-a-kind experience with just the couple present. Others may opt for a private ceremony followed by an intimate reception in front of a few friends and family members only. Regardless of what you prefer, the most important thing is that it is your special day, so it’s ideal to create a plan that will suit your needs and make your wedding dreams come true.

We’ve put together this introductory guide that might help if you’re interested in having your elopement in Queenstown. We discuss the planning process involved and explain why you may need a planner to arrange a seamless and memorable one.

Why get a planner before you elope to Queenstown

Choosing the right planner for your Queenstown elopement is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in planning for this special day. They can help you plan every detail particularly in photography, transport, florals, and styling among others.

More specifically, a local elopement planner will provide lots of guidance and inspiration if you are struggling with ideas or just want some tips about this luxurious town.

How can a planner help you elope to Queenstown

By working with a planner to design an elopement package in Queenstown, you can find comfort knowing that everything will be handled professionally. Whether it’s the initial enquiry or liaising with suppliers at the last minute, every last detail is paid attention to.

They take away the logistical load

A local planner in Queenstown can play a supportive role by taking some of the pressure off of you. Elopements are usually planned in much less time than traditional weddings, but all aspects must be thought through from the dress, cake, accommodation for the couple, and other possible logistical nightmares.

Planning a destination wedding is difficult enough so it’s best for someone else to tackle the little things that require local knowledge like finding flowers or coordinating the officiant.

They can provide insider knowledge about the industry

Your planner’s job is to help you create your own personal and unique Queenstown elopement package from scratch, so they’re expected to provide industry expertise. After all, this role is all about helping you piece together your dream event, step-by-step, through years of insider knowledge and supplier partnerships. Start speaking to one as soon as possible so you can get started designing the day exactly to your specifications.

They can refer you to credible, trusted wedding vendors

When you elope to Queenstown, it would be nearly impossible for you to get the help of a large number of friends or family members. The right planner can support couples by providing access to numerous local vendors who have proven themselves through their experience and output.

Because you’re working with someone who has contacts in the industry, you’ll get help in:

  • screening officiants who specialise in performing ceremonies of this type
  • recommending photographers whose work fits with your chosen theme
  • providing guidance or resources on finding and renting venues that are private and intimate
  • providing guidance for inviting guests privately (when applicable)
  • creating details that reflect the sentimental nature of the occasion
  • paying attention to smaller details like chairs or lights and sounds
  • obtaining permits or licences for public places like parks
  • offering other suggestions that would work for your event

It’s always helpful to know that your suppliers are familiar with your destination so that you can trust their expertise on the elopement day and enjoy yourself.

They know the exclusive Queenstown elopement locations

Elopement planners can provide the couple access to unique locations in Queenstown for elopements and will often coordinate with the right people for the related services needed. While it is not necessary to have the ceremony in an exclusive or secret location, there are always those who aspire to be married in a unique remote location in this South Island town.

Individual couples may feel more comfortable walking up in a hidden venue in the woods that has been kept secret for years over a hike to the more touristy parts of town. Others may opt to go by helicopter in an exclusive and luxurious chalet. Regardless of how you prefer to tie the knot, a good elopement planner can prepare everything on your behalf.

Ideally, your planner will also be equipped to handle the details of your travel for your Queenstown elopement.

They have flawless communication & eye for detail

Communication with the client is important in any situation as it sets expectations and helps guide the process when necessary. In addition to being a tremendous support to couples planning their day, communication and attention to detail by a planner are also necessary for a successful elopement in Queenstown.

Personalized services are something that should be provided by any supplier, so make sure that you look for someone who is able to provide this. Remember that you’re capturing a lifetime’s worth of memories in a very short period of time. Once those moments have passed, they’re gone forever and can only be immortalised through photos and videos.

Your Queenstown elopement planner should be an expert at flawless communication and should be well-versed in the intimate details that will add the perfect touch to the most memorable day of your life.

Back of the bride and groom heading back to the helicopter after their Mountain Elopement in Queenstown NZ

Why choose us when you elope to Queenstown

Couples can choose from a range of great venues and locations when they elope to Queenstown, but it can be hard to organise especially when you’re not a local. The team at Queenstown Elopements has been helping couples plan their perfect intimate wedding.

We have organised countless weddings over the years and offer packages so we can help you plan every detail from start to finish including photography, hair and makeup, flowers, celebrants, and transport. Our website provides lots of inspiration too if you are struggling with ideas or just want some tips on what works well here in Queenstown.

Elopements can be surprisingly time-consuming and expensive with all of the planning required. That’s where we come in! Elopements in Queenstown are our specialty. We know how to help couples get into a lifetime commitment without any stress or fuss. Get in touch and let’s chat about your elopement plans soon!


Elope to Queenstown and work with a local company that specializes in planning and coordinating intimate weddings from start to finish.

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