A guide to writing your vows

Congratulations, you are about to have one of the most incredible days of your life. Now it’s time to express your love in just a few words, easy right?

Wedding Vows are one of the only moments throughout your ceremony where you can speak openly to your loved one. It is an opportunity to express how you feel, and to remind one another why you are making this commitment and how you intend to uphold it. Here’s a few tips to consider when putting pen to paper.

Find somewhere private where you can make a list. Perhaps on your phone, in your dairy, or in your day planner.

  1. Every time your loved one does something that makes you smile, laugh, or just reminds you why you love them, write it down! Think of their quirks and what makes them unique to them. After a short while doing this, you will hopefully have a good list of reasons why they are so special to you.
  2. Using that list, put together a few sentences i.e ‘I promise to always take the time to appreciate how amazing you are at that…..Yoda impersonation’
  3. Mix a few of those personal points with some of the more classic and sincere inclusions such as ‘I promise I will love you more with each passing day’ and soon enough you will form a nice little set of vows that are unique to you.

Handy Tips

Vows are best kept to yourself until the day, but one thing I would suggest is that you communicate how long your vows are. That way they will be a similar length on the day.

    1.  Don’t overthink it. Your vows don’t have to be overly poetic; write how you would speak, and it will come across with your own personality.

    1. Don’t stress. From personal experience, it can be hard to find the time to sit down and write your vows. Most couples usually find that they don’t end up writing their vows until the day before and they still come out true to heart.

    1. Remember – It’s for your loved one, no one else…

    1. If you are still in doubt, ask Google. Google and Pinterest are great ways to find a wealth of examples that you can use as a guideline.

Below are some examples of the more sincere and serious vows that you can incorporate into your own or take inspiration from. Put in some of your own less serious, and more personal vows, and they will become a well-rounded and meaningful set of vows that are unique to you.

I can’t promise to always be tidy
I can’t promise to never get mad, or grumpy
I can’t promise to do the dishes without complaint
I can’t promise not to laugh when you get frustrated playing computer games
But I can promise that I will always love you
I can promise that I will always be there for you
And I can promise that I will care for you, today, tomorrow and forever.
I, Aimee Rose Douglas, take you, David Eli Rodgers, to be my legal husband

Helen, we have been together for five years, and they have been the best five years of my life. When we first met, I was attracted to your smile, your heart and your laugh. These things still make me happy today. You gave me the greatest gift in the world – our two children, Anna and Michael. And for that I thank you. You are an amazing Mother, a wonderful cook and my best friend. And today I’m excited to make you my wife. Here’s too many, many more years together. I, Adam Richard Hughes, take you, Helen Mary Smith, to be my wife.

I love you because you are fun
I love you more than the earth and the sun
I love you today, I love you tomorrow
I love you through good times,
through tough times and sorrow
I love when you laugh
I love when you smile
I’ll love you forever
For miles and miles, For all of our years
And all those to come
I can’t say it loud enough
You are my one.

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