11 Helicopter Elopement Locations in Queenstown That Will Leave You Breathless

Helicopter elopements are one of the fastest-growing trends in Queenstown weddings today. They present couples with an intimate experience that’s close to nature while still providing comfort, luxury, and exclusivity ideal for those looking to up the ante for their destination wedding.

Imagine getting married in some of the most scenic places on earth. Imagine being surrounded by mountains and lakes with your sweetheart while enjoying champagne on board a luxury helicopter. It’s high time that you start planning for this epic once-in-a-lifetime event!

If you’re looking for incredible helicopter elopement locations in Queenstown and nearby, read on. Although this South Island town is typically known as a tourist destination for adventure-driven activities, it also offers some outstandingly posh heli-elopement options too.

Here we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ones we found in hopes of helping you choose a location that matches your needs and ticks all the right boxes for you. As you read on, you’ll find information about these fantastic destinations as well as what to expect when you decide to do your Queenstown elopement here.

Couple standing holding hands at Lake Erskin Queenstown Elopements

  1. Lake Erskin

Easily one of the most popular destinations of Fiordland National Park tourists, this alpine lake set at 1390m above sea level provides a stunning setting for weddings by helicopter. Winters bring lots of snow to walk on, while summers bring the crystal clear blue lake draining over its edge into a waterfall. On top of that, the mountains surrounding it remain covered in snow the entire year.

Newly wed couple standing on top of the Remarkable Mountain Range, after a Queenstown elopement.

  1. The Remarkables

From Lake Wakatipu’s waters rise the majestic mountains aptly named The Remarkables. The snow-capped range offers breathtaking views in all directions and boasts of wondrously being one of only two in the world that extends vertically from north to south. It would be impossible to find a more unique or spectacular setting for your elopement in Queenstown.

Newly wed couple embrace on a cliff in front of snow capped hills in Queenstown.

  1. Bayonet Peaks

With gorgeous views overlooking Lake Wakatipu, The Remarkables, Cecil Peak, and proximity to Queenstown, you’ll never go wrong with this helicopter elopement location. There are scenic grasslands and fascinating rock formations in the area, which make for some interestingly cool photos. A view of the lake is often visible from the helicopter landing spot. If you’re looking for a special venue, then this elopement location in Queenstown is the perfect place.

Wedding couple standing on the mountains, with a lake view inthe background, Queenstown Elopements

  1. Cecil Peak – The Ledge and The Ridge

Because of its relatively short distance and affordability, Cecil Peak has become a classic landing spot popular for Queenstown elopements by heli. It features “The Ledge,” which offers some of the best views over Lake Wakatipu and an awesome cliff edge that you can stand on and take nice photos from, and “The Ridge,” which provides an epic view of Ben Lomand and the massive rock formations jutting out into Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown.

It’s always fun to shoot couples no matter which landing spot they choose because they can try so many different angles and styles seamlessly without forgetting the perfect shot Cecil Peak has become iconic for.

Couple standing on the hills in wedding outfit at Mt Crichton, Queenstown Elopements

  1. Mount Crichton

Mount Crichton is a spectacular mountain range that overlooks Lake Wakatipu, Glenorchy, and the Southern Alps. It gets busy in the winter because of its ski slopes that attract beginners and experienced skiers alike. For couples, it provides a great spot to escape civilisation and hold a heli elopement. Whether going on an adventure or getting married, anyone can enjoy its scenic views at any time of year.

Newly wed couple kiss in front of a snowcapped mount top lake fresh fron their Queenstown elopement.

  1. Lake Lochnagar

From Queenstown, you can take a 40-kilometre flight to this remotely located mountain lake with pristine waters. In Lochnagar, you can get gorgeous photos of the mountains and valleys, making it a great location for elopements. The numerous heli landing locations will surely provide the perfect backdrop for your photos.

A couple walk hand in hand on snowcapped mountains, with a sunset in the background near Queenstown.

  1. Fog Peak

Fog Peak has always been a favourite heli wedding location. There are views of the valley floor, a braided river, as well as amazing views of Matukituki Valley, Mount Aspiring, and of course, the Southern Alps. If you’re into snowy backdrops, especially in winter, this location is perfect. Combining this landing with a completely different location will provide you with an unforgettable setting for your Queenstown elopement photos.

Newly wed couple high above the mountain hugging, with snow capped hills in the background.

  1. Vanguard Peak

Vanguard Peak takes 10 minutes from Queenstown by helicopter. It offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and gives an excellent view of the valley to the upper Shotover River. The spot is a spectacular one that usually has snow during the summer, unlike nearby mountains usually covered in golden tussocks.

If you’ve been dreaming about a wedding here, find a supplier who can show you what a spectacular vista awaits you at Vanguard Peak.

Couple in the snow holding hands on a photoshoot, Queenstown elopements

  1. Earnslaw Burn

Nestled beneath the Mount Earnslaw glacier is this majestic location featured in The Hobbit. In the winter, the waterfalls freeze down the mountainside as they cascade from the glacier, providing a wonderful backdrop for your Queenstown elopement if you’re up for an adventure by helicopter. If you’re looking for a beautiful location to get married, your search might end at Earnslaw Burn. The only thing left to do now is to choose when to say “I do!”

Couple embrace on a high peak with the lake and rolling mountains in the background near Queenstown.

  1. Coromandel Peak

A bit further away, in Wanaka, is Coromandel Peak, a popular spot for mountaintop photography. Even if you’re planning a helicopter elopement in Queenstown, you should consider this location because a longer scenic flight will surely delight your senses and provide a truly memorable experience that will be one of the highlights of your big day. At the landing spot, you will experience the natural splendour of Lake Wanaka, which we can assure you will be something that you remember forever.

Bride and groom look into each others eyes in front of a mountain peak after a Queenstown elopement.

  1. The Peninsula

Another beautiful spot for helicopter weddings close to Wanaka, The Peninsula offers sweeping views of the mountains and lake in all directions and a dramatic cliff for dramatic photos. For your elopement, you can spend time in a landing spot to hold your wedding ceremony, take gorgeous photos, and maybe even enjoy a few celebratory drinks.

For couples looking for an intimate, one-of-a-kind experience that’s close to nature and provides exclusivity in a destination wedding location, these helicopter elopements are quickly becoming one of the most preferred options.

Couples can enjoy all of the luxuries they desire without sacrificing any intimacy or connection with their surroundings during their most special day. There are so many great views to choose from in Queenstown; it can be hard to decide on just one!

If you’re considering having your own helicopter elopement near Queenstown or anywhere else around New Zealand, we would love to chat! We’re locals, so we can recommend the options that will give you the most value for your money.

Photos Carla Mitchell Photography 

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