Top 7 Elopement Locations in Queenstown

There are plenty of elopement locations in Queenstown. Being one of the most sought after places for weddings of all sizes, this lively South Island town has some of the most beautiful locations in New Zealand. It is surrounded by stunning landscapes that will make your photos stand out from every other couple’s.

Whether you want to get married on top of the mountains or you’re more interested in getting married by the lake, this town has something for everyone. With these different options, there’s no need to look anywhere else. Check out the top seven elopement spots in Queenstown to find your perfect location. We hope this helps with your plans, and please let us know if there are any other locations you would like to see added to this list.

COuple standing hand in hand with a veil blowingin the wind, ontop of Jacks Point hill with the lake in the background

Jack’s Point Hill

The Jack’s Point hill area has scenic views of the majestic Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown’s most impressive mountains, Cecil Peak and The Remarkables. Sunsets at this spot are absolutely incredible, with access only possible via a short but steep 20-minute walk uphill but well worth the effort. Additionally, you need to book in advance and pay a fee to the landowner — Queenstown Elopements get this sorted for you.

A secret getaway at Jack’s Point hill can be an exciting experience. It’s like the entire world just disappears, and you’re all alone with this person standing in front of you, waiting for an “I do” and taking off into the sunset together as one happy couple. If this sounds interesting, you should get in touch with someone who can organise it for you.

Wedding couple standing in the sunset with mountains in the background

Coronet Peak / Skippers Canyon

Queenstown elopements with Coronet Peak as the primary location are on the rise, and for a good reason. Access is quick and relatively simple, and any side you’re on can be a lot of fun. It’s easily a top pick for this kind of celebration because it has so many different outdoor areas to choose from that will make your pictures spectacular. There are also plenty of options for accommodation if you want to spend more time at the location after your ceremony.

Skippers Canyon, in particular, offers scenic views and an abundance of lots of areas to conduct a ceremony and take romantic photos, depending on what you prefer. The location is also close enough to town, especially by helicopter, so if you have a banquet in a hotel, your guests can welcome you back after you officially become man and wife.

Couple in wedding outfit standing infront of a snow capped dramatic mountain range

Deer Park Heights

With a beautiful natural setting, you’ll find everything your heart desires in a Queenstown elopement at Deer Park Heights. Featured on Lord of the Rings, this is a pioneering attraction home to several walkways and scenic lookouts you shouldn’t miss.

With deer roaming freely around for friends and family to take pictures with after they say their vows, this location offers something different from any other typical indoor or backyard venues out there. The ample open space is perfect for big or small weddings, so you can bring everyone if you want and share with them the experience of being in this unique setting.

Couple getting married at Moke Lake with a mirror lake in the background

Moke Lake

Located 15 to 20 minutes from Queenstown is Moke Lake, a hidden lake tucked away in a farm near the suburb of Closeburn. Getting there requires driving through a dirt road in the countryside past cows and sheep, which is in itself an enjoyable driving experience. Upon arrival, the usually calm lake will welcome you, with the surrounding mountains reflected beautifully in the water.

If you’re looking for a rustic, natural look for your elopement, Moke Lake can be a great option. The pristine beauty of the grasslands will envelop you as soon as you reach the area. The tranquillity of the lake makes it the perfect location for couples who want to start their new life together in peace and quiet, with a vast landmass as their backdrop. Especially great for dramatic autumn elopements due to the warm, earthy colours it possesses.

Couple getting eloped in Queenstown on the Remarkables Mountain Range

The Remarkables

Located on the southeastern shore of Lake Wakatipu, The Remarkables is more than just a ski area. It is also home to excellent landing spots like the Double Cone and the Spur. At over 2000 metres high and with a number of distinctive peaks, the mountain range looms above Queenstown like an icon in the sky, a place where you can see all over the town while also getting some fresh air.

The Remarkables Spur lies on the left side of the mountain range, measuring about 1500 metres high. A dramatic backdrop makes for a beautiful photo opportunity featuring views of Coronet Peak and Cecil Peak in the distance. Perfect for capturing the sun setting behind the mountains!

Or why not top off your Queenstown elopement with a helicopter flight to Double Cone, one of the highest landing sites in the Remarkables with an elevation of 2319 metres. Because it is at such a high altitude, there are grassy areas and some rocky terrain, and there is a high likelihood of snow during the winter.

Elopement Packages in Queenstown, The Rees valley station, mountain backdrop

Rees Valley Station

For any couple that feels drawn to the mountains, eloping or getting married on top of a summit with views overlooking a vast landscape would be a good option. It doesn’t get any better than Rees Valley Station. A one-hour drive from Queenstown, this private property located in Glenorchy is surrounded by spectacular scenery. Photographs can be taken here for a fee of $200, but it’s definitely worth every penny because the high country vistas you can enjoy all year round brings out great lighting to produce the most magnificent shots.

Find a planner who can arrange something in Rees Valley Station and help make your Queenstown elopement as unforgettable and unique as possible. With a planner who can hook you up with local companies, you can be sure that they will take you to the best landing spots where you’ll have an experience like no other.

Couple standing in the wind at the top of the crown range mountain with a lake and mountains in the background

Crown Range

Crown Range is the hill that separates Queenstown from Wanaka. A thirty-minute drive from either side will take you to the lookout points. In wintertime, it’s blanketed by snow that surrounds visitors on every side like an icy embrace.

The surrounding environment provides the perfect backdrop for your special day. At the same time, the award-winning accommodation and top-notch cuisine, whether you’re in Queenstown or Wanaka, will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s your first time in New Zealand or you’re planning on eloping soon, Crown Range offers everything you might need to create everlasting memories.

Queenstown is a popular destination for weddings of all sizes, so it’s no surprise that elopements are also very common. With quite the selection of scenic locations to choose from, you might find your perfect spot from these ideas. What’s more, we can arrange a romantic elopement package for you and help make sure everything goes smoothly on the day-of.

Contact us today if you need assistance with planning an intimate wedding ceremony or would like more information about our services. Let us help take care of all the details so that you can enjoy this unique experience without worry.

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